Family Stories

Courageous Families Rebuilding Lives
Letters from people who were helped by FUSION with transitional housing and case management services.

"Thank you is not even close to being enough for how truly grateful we are for what you have done for us. When we walked in [the home you provided] all I wanted to do was cry tears of joy. My little girls are at peace now and they absolutely LOVE their new home. Thank you and may God bless you for all you have done."

— Feeling Blessed

"My boys and I are so very thankful. I am so happy my boys finally have beds to sleep in, a floor to crawl on. All I want is to be a good mother and you helped. This place is perfect for us. I love all the details that make this home perfect for me. We all thank you very much."

— A Thankful Family

"Nobody wants to be homeless, cold, or hungry, especially children because they don't have a say. I know you've given my children a future and a hope. And because of that I want to give back to this community. I have such high hopes for the future and I thank you."

— A Heartfelt Thanks

A mother tells her story with hope that you will make a life-altering difference for struggling families by supporting FUSION.

"There are so many families like mine who are displaced. We just need a hand up in order to regain our confidence, and rather than a hand-out we need people to show us that there is hope, that we are not permanently broken or incapable of changing, and that our circumstances can be overcome with perseverance.

I was a broken woman, living in a one-room motel with two little boys. I had no idea what my next move was with little money, no job and no prospects. I was dealing with severe medical issues. I was terrified and had no idea how to help myself out of that ditch. Both of my children were having issues in school and in dealing with peers and with feeling secure, which made me feel so bad. I was truly at my worst.

Then along came FUSION. After going thru the interview process and being accepted into the program, my children and I were taken to a beautiful condominium. It was fully furnished, from the pictures on the walls to the blankets on the beds! It was like the heavens opened and lit a path for me. They had brought toys for my boys and gave their room a theme. The boys were elated! After a few weeks we began to truly feel like life had changed for the better.

At first I resented counseling and weekly meetings with a case worker. But then I realized I needed the support of Valley Cities to regain my self-esteem and learn how to deal with people in a positive and productive manner and to show this to my children.

I am now a completely different person. I gained the confidence to go back to school and am going to become a medical administrator. I have hope and energy to carry on. I am unafraid to make goals, I am not afraid of failure. I have learned to make better choices in life. I thrive and give these gifts to my children.

One of my sons is now a straight-A student and excelling in math. The other who was having extreme behavioral issues is now learning team building skills and doing great!

FUSION has helped me and my children in so many ways. On Thanksgiving they brought my family food and even a centerpiece for our table. At Christmas they brought us food, a tree with all the trimmings, and gifts for all of us. I just am so grateful for these kind people who have been so welcoming.

I have done a lot of hard work to get where I now am. I couldn't have done this without the friendship, inspiration and help I received from FUSION and Valley Cities. This program works!"

"To realize that somehow I deserved to live in such a nice place had changed not only my opinion of the kind of place I could live in, but also my feeling about myself and my future. Having a stable, secure place to stay in provided me with the opportunity to start over. The whole experience has been an empowering one. One that has me feeling as if I, by being empowered myself, can give a greater gift to the world."

— Enjoying a New Self-Esteem

"Before I moved into this home I felt like my life was a puzzle and one piece was missing. But now I feel like that puzzle is a whole and the missing piece was love, a home and safety put together. Someday I want to help people like FUSION helped me because I want to spread the goodness."

— Words of a 10-year-old Child

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to start getting my feet on the ground. Thanks to your generosity, I was given a stable home and environment to be able to focus on and achieve my goals. This is the first place my son and I were safe enough to call home."

— A Single Mother

"When I lost my job shortly after September 11, my family and I were faced with homelessness. FUSION saved my family with shelter, clothing, and holiday dinners. FUSION has given my family a place to call home. During winter months, being protected from the elements is a pretty big deal when you're a single parent of three."

— Thankful Mom

"My child will be able to go to camp with his classmates. Without the assistance of FUSION we could not have afforded it. I share hope with my children daily, looking into their eyes seeing the light of hope, knowing anything and all things are possible.

I am in school full time. When my courses are completed I will once again be a productive member of society. Devoted to fulfilling my goal of proven leadership, I hope to spread a positive message to others who may be faced with adversity.

FUSION gave me something I hadn't seen for a long time. They gave me hope. For my family it is a precious commodity. Well, it's absolutely the best gift I have ever received in my life. I will always be grateful. It is a gift I will pass on and share the rest of my life."

— Grateful Mother

"I graduated from a paralegal program. I made it! My baby has a chance at a good life. I have a wonderful job and I feel great! I couldn't have done it without all who take the time to contribute to FUSION. Because of that I am grateful to all of you. I am not sure if you have any idea of the impact you have on so many lives. Especially mine and my precious little boy. In return and to show my gratitude I promise all of you that I will succeed and I will not allow all your efforts and hard work to be for nothing. I will not fall back. I will only move ahead."

— Determined and Grateful Mom

Dear Volunteer,

I stand in front of a door to a FUSION unit, holding its key.
I barely dare to hope.
I turn the key.
Standing within its walls, tears of joy and disbelief stain my face.
"Is this where we're going to live mommy?" my child asks excitedly.
My head spins.
A door of our own.
Rooms of our own.
Beds of our own.
Privacy and safety.
Luxury and beauty surround me.
"Yes, this is our home now," I answer.

I may never have the chance to meet you, or shake your hand, or tell you what this "key" has meant to me. We will probably remain nameless and faceless to each other. But know that when I thank God for this haven of hope, this real home, I thank you too, because this chance, this key can make all the difference in my tomorrows.

— Nameless, But No Longer Hopeless

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