FUSION Housing

Sheltering Homeless Families
FUSION provides transitional housing for families facing homelessness. Starting in 1993 with a one-bedroom condominium, the Washington-based organization now can house up to 19 families.

Funding for the purchase of 10 condominiums and a single-family home has been through Community Development Block Grants. Two single-family houses and a duplex in Northeast Tacoma were added to the inventory in the merger with Joseph Foundation in 2009. A fourplex building in Federal Way was purchased in February 2015 with funds raised by FUSION.

Each of the housing units is fully furnished to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They include furniture, appliances, kitchenware, dishes, linens, bedding, and even toys and games for children. Rooms are cheerful and functional to the needs of a family, with tastefully coordinated décor throughout. Nearly all of this is done with donated items!

Each family served in the safety and security of a FUSION home can stay for up to 18 months as they work toward self-sufficiency. Partnership with Catholic Community Services ensures a selective screening process as applicants must meet definitive criteria before they are admitted to a FUSION home. To work toward eventual self-sufficiency, families must agree to set goals and meet regularly with a case manager as crucial steps in a successful transition from poverty to self-reliance.

Housing Forum
Managing and maintaining FUSION's lovely homes takes a considerable volunteer effort.

  • A Housing Coordinator oversees management of the homes and is a liaison between the FUSION Board of Directors and Catholic Community Services.

  • Unit Managers are assigned to each home as point of contact for household emergencies. They also have the fun of furnishing, decorating and stocking the units. During vacancies between residents, they lead a team that cleans and restores the home.

  • A Transition Manager assesses the condition of units upon vacancy and helps coordinate a plan for cleaning or renovation to prepare homes for new guests.

  • The Transition Team assists Unit Managers with cleaning, painting, repairing and refurbishing units.

  • A Renovation Crew of handymen donate professional fix-it skills to keep units in top repair.

  • The Storage Team monitors donations of furniture and household goods and keeps storage garages organized.

  • A Holiday Coordinator arranges pick-up and delivery of food and gift baskets donated by community organizations for residents at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You can help FUSION furnish and maintain safe, secure homes for homeless families working toward self sufficiency. Consider donating usable furniture and household goods. See what we need.

Get Involved. The Housing Forum needs volunteers to manage and maintain homes. Contact volunteers@fusionfederalway.org to get started.

There are other ways to share your time and talents with FUSION. See our volunteer jobs.

We also gratefully welcome financial contributions to support FUSION operating costs.

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