The Volunteer Philosophy

FUSION Volunteerism
The volunteer powered FUSION organization is dedicated to providing housing and support services to families facing homelessness. Raising funds to sustain this program, and managing and maintaining beautiful homes, takes considerable volunteer effort. Helpers donate thousands of hours a year so homeless families have a safe and secure place to live while rebuilding their lives.

FUSION's growth and achievements are directly related to its volunteer force. Dedicated people who generously donate their valuable time have developed FUSION into the viable organization it is.

— No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

FUSION's Finest
Generous people who donate time and skills to help provide housing to families facing homelessness are among FUSION's most valuable assets. Help in many forms is welcome. Four forums give volunteers an opportunity to offer skills and talents based on individual interests. There are many needs in Housing, Fund Raising, Public Relations, Volunteer Communications and the FUSION D├ęcor Boutique.

A large portion of FUSION's volunteer force is dedicated to managing and maintaining our houses and condos. Plumbers fix leaks, locksmiths restore security, professionals offer their company services. We also cherish volunteers who spend hundreds of hours keeping the homes fresh, comfortable, ready for occupancy. This requires painting, cleaning, decorating, repairing and securing household goods for these completely furnished housing units.

Volunteer efforts also raise FUSION operations funds. A primary focus for many is helping to plan and put on the annual Summer Art Event that raises a substantial portion of FUSION's annual budget thanks to various talents and months of rewarding work. Volunteers also secure sponsorship monies.

Keeping FUSION in a favorable public light is the work of Public Relations. This forum is staffed by helpers dedicated to telling the FUSION story and garnering community support for the organization.

Because we treasure volunteers so highly, an entire forum is dedicated to nurturing them. Volunteer Communications recruits and mentors new helpers, stays attuned to ideas for improving jobs, and supports involvement with emails dedicated to volunteerism.

For guidance, an all-volunteer working Board of Directors steers FUSION into ever productive directions. And an Advisory Council of community leaders generously lends their expertise in all matters essential to FUSION's success.

Volunteer recognition events frequently spotlight individuals who contribute extraordinary time and talent to the FUSION mission. These honors affirm how they have changed lives with their generous spirit. Success is reflected on the faces of families moving from sad homelessness into the safe haven of homes these volunteers helped provide.

Volunteer efforts give homeless families the secure environment required for a path to self-sufficiency.

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How to Help
Wonder how you can help? We'll find a fit.

There are other ways FUSION can use your help in providing housing and support services to homeless families. As a nonprofit volunteer organization we gratefully welcome:

— Join our fusion of community members helping homeless families become self-sufficient.

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